Cycling Holidays for Schools

cycling holidays for schools

Do you remember that tired but nice burning feeling in your legs after a good cycle? The wind on your face and in your hair, the sights you got to see? Cycling is back, and more popular than ever. A lot of schools are now considering cycling holidays for their pupils as a way of getting and staying fit, promoting cycling to school and pupil to pupil bonding are just the tiny tips of the iceberg when it comes to cycling holidays.

Some holiday agents have caught onto the trend of recent years and are now starting to form cycling packages for schools and groups as part of their normal routine. Gone are the days when requesting cycles for thirty children for five days and overnight accommodation to match would seem like a tall order. The most interesting thing though, is that these holidays are available in countries all over Europe. With bicycles conforming to rigorous safety standards you can be assured of safe travel for your school children, and with accommodation and travel prices hitting all time lows, you can get your school group there relatively cheaply.

Give your school children the experience of a ferry crossing to France, hire the bicycles when you are there then explore the delights of one of the finest cycling countries in Europe in the best way. Cruise through the orchards and lavender fields in the Rhone, or try Burgundy for its special medieval villages and historical monuments and interest. Cycling holidays allow you to achieve greater fitness and a sense of well being on your journey. Improve your minds as well as your bodies; and teach the children how to appreciate the finer things in life. Nothing is quite as special as sitting down to a meal after a long days ride in the company of the school children, knowing you’re providing them with exciting and fresh memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

With all journeys encompassing safety stops to check the bicycle adjustments you can enjoy the smell and taste of rural French bread with your meal in authentic locations not yet plagued with tourism, and education about the areas you visit along the way; you can only have a fantastic cycling holiday in France or wherever you choose to go. Vigorous healthy exercise in a healthy climate can only be good for growing children and cycling holidays provide the perfect opportunity to get it.

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