Maldives All Inclusive

maldives all inclusiveBeautiful beaches, breathtaking views and a laid back way of life are just a few of the components that make the Maldives such a magical place to be. Located in the Indian Ocean, the islands possess some of the most beautiful beaches in the world which are complimented by warm, tropical climates all year round.

Many people are shocked to find out that the Maldives comprises of over 1,000 islands, many of which don’t have a population of more than a couple hundred people. Many resorts have been developed especially for tourists who typically have very little contact with any locals. However, every single little island is like a tropical paradise so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything by not going over to the islands which are inhabited by Maldivians.

With so many islands and so many islands it is only natural that water – sports are such a popular past time in the Maldives. Pretty much every resort offers diving and snorkelling and many also offer windsurfing, kayaking, banana riding and pretty much any other water sport that you can think of. If you are going with a partner then sunset sailing comes highly recommended. This romantic excursion will undoubtedly make your holiday to the Maldives even more special and memorable.

As many of the resorts have been developed for the sole purpose of entertaining tourists, there is plenty to do and see when on holiday in the Maldives. You will find that some of the islands are more inhabited than others but with so many to choose from it is impossible not to find one that is perfect for you. From the heavily populated capital, Male to the deserted island of Emboodhoo, the Maldives is unlikely to be a place that you will ever forget.

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