Why Go On A Cycling Holiday?

why go on a cycling holidayHolidays are traditionally associated with sitting by the pool or beach, sight – seeing and drinking a lot. However, if you would like something a bit different that you’ve never tried before then cycling holidays could be just what you need.

There are many different reasons to go on cycling holidays and one of them is that they are great exercise. Normally people put on weight when they go away but this is very unlikely to happen when you are doing so much exercise. It’s a great way to go on holiday and stay fit at the same time as well.

Another reason why people go on cycling holidays is because it’s an ideal way of seeing as much of the country you are visiting as possible. Normally it can be hard to see much of a foreign country because of traffic and slow public transport. However, when you’re cycling you don’t have to worry about either of these problems so have more time to explore.

Cycling holidays are a great way to meet new people while you are away. It can be quite hard to meet people when you are abroad because everyone sticks with their friends or family. When on cycling holidays you are normally with a group of other like – minded people so get a chance to meet others from all over the world.

It is very likely that cycling holidays are going to be a lot cheaper than normal holidays. Normally the price you pay includes hotels and any other costs so you are unlikely to be spending any more money. As you will be staying active you won’t be bored so won’t be spending money on entertainment.

You can guarantee that you will be seeing something different every day when on cycling holidays. This is because you are taken on different routes which normally offer the best scenery. Many people find this a lot more exciting than simply sunbathing for the duration of the break.

There are many different types of cycling holidays so everyone is bound to find something that suits them. You can either go around by yourself or whoever you have been travelling with, or you can go on guided tours in which case you will have the company of other cyclists. As well as this you can select your route depending on your fitness level and how you think you would cope. With so many reasons to go on cycling holidays it’s not surprising that so many people are trying them out.

Image belongs to: Carla Saliba. Taken from: http://www.flickr.com


2 responses to “Why Go On A Cycling Holiday?

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  2. If I could spend my entire life on a cycling holiday I think I’d be in heaven

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