Where To Stay In Menorca

where to stay in menorcaThe only downside about going on holiday is deciding where to go because there are so many options around nowadays. Not only do you need to decide where to go but you have the choice to go self – catering, half – board, full – board, you can stay in a hotel, bed and breakfast, holiday home or villa. The possibilities are endless which is a good thing really because it means you are more likely to find your ideal holiday.

One of the many possibilities available to you when choosing a holiday is villas in Son Bou Menorca. This resort is located on the south – west coast of Menorca and is popular with everyone from families to couples and groups of friends.

One of the many things that attracts visitors to the area is the fact that it boasts the longest beach in Menorca. Sunbathers can enjoy nearly 3km of golden sand and beautiful warm water. The excellent beach makes it a hotspot for all water – sport enthusiasts who can choose from an array of activities on offer. If you stay in villas in Son Bou Menorca you can roll out of bed and on to the beach – something which would make any holiday truly special.

There is plenty of evening entertainment around the resort so there is always plenty to do. There are a range of bars and restaurants including one of the islands only discos. Although the bars and restaurants do put on entertainment for their diners, other than this nightlife in the area is pretty low key. Therefore, if you are staying in villas in Son Bou Menorca don’t expect to be out clubbing until the early hours of the morning because it is not that kind of resort.

Located just behind the beach is the resort of San Jaime which is a large tourist development of privately owned villas in Son Bou Menorca. Some of these villas are only used as holiday homes by the people who own them and others rent them out to other holiday – makers. If you are looking for more privacy and independence than a hotel can offer then staying in one of these villas in Son Bou Menorca may be the option for you.

If it’s a beach holiday that you are after then a trip to Son Bou Menorca may be just the thing for you. The resort’s well known beach is what makes it stand out from any other kind of holiday.  

Image belongs to: Gert Van Duinen. Taken from: http://www.flickr.com  


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