Things To Do When Staying In Menorca

things to do when staying in menorcaThere are many different resorts to visit when you holiday in Menorca. Although they are all pretty similar, each one offers their own unique qualities. One of the more popular resorts is Arenal d’en Castell. This is the place to go if it’s beaches and water – sports you want from your holiday.

The beach in Arenal d’en Castell captures the attention of everyone who visits the resort because it is arch shaped and has soft, golden sand and calm, warm waters. This makes it the ideal place for all beach activities from laying in the sun to participating in some of the adventurous water – sports. There are shallow waters and a first aid post as well which means that you can be assured that it is safe for children to swim and play around.

There is also plenty to do away from the beach with a variety of restaurants that serve pretty much any kind of food. Whether you want to stick to traditional English food or sample some of the local delights there is something for everyone. A lot of the restaurants even put on some entertainment in the evenings to make your meal even more enjoyable.

Sometimes it can be hard to find small shops or supermarkets while on holiday but Arenal d’en Castell has several small supermarkets and tourist shops located around the resort. Due to the high number of tourists who visit the area every year most of them stock UK recognised branded goods for those who want to stick to what they know. If you are a keen shopper then your best bet is to pay a visit to Coves Noves Centre which is only a few minutes walk from the beach and is the biggest commercial development in the resort.

If you want to travel out of Arenal d’en Castell for a day trip then you can either rent a car so you can go exploring yourself or use public transport. Some of the roads around the area aren’t in very good condition so most people like to use public transport. This is also a great way of getting to see the resort and areas around it rather than being stuck in a car.

Although Arenal d’en Castell is suitable for all kinds of holidays it is better matched with families and those looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday away from the stresses of everyday life.

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