The Hilton Hotel & Beach Club, Ras al Khaimah, Dubai

We have recently got back from a stay at the Hilton Hotel and Beach Club in Ras al Khaimah, Dubai and express that we were pleasantly surprised with our stay. We were aware that the hotel was quite far from Dubai itself but this was not a problem at all as there were various different ways of getting there. Our package holiday tour to Dubai was perfect as we enjoyed complete peace and relaxation, yet there was enough to keep us entertained for the duration of our stay.

The hotel was up to the standards that you would expect from any other Hilton with friendly, helpful staff. The staff at the beach club were also fantastic with the service they provided for food and drink. The suites were furnished with a distinctly Arabian feel, were clean and the air conditioning was much appreciated with temperatures ranging between 40 and 50 degrees celsius.

There is a wide variety of food on offer from fresh seafood in Hoof ‘n’ Fin restaurant or Arab specialities in Al Khor restaurant. Food was plentiful and a variety of meats, fresh vegetables and salads were provided. The Havana Bar is the place to go after your meal with live entertainment six nights a week.

If you wanted to stay at the hotel there is a swimming pool and fitness room or if you prefer to go out the hotel has a private beach club. This is only seven minutes away by a free shuttle bus and boasts a private beach and water-sports. There are lots of sun loungers by the pools and the beach so you don’t have to worry about lying on the very hot sand. Towels are even provided so you can leave your towel in the room. There was plenty for us to do on our package holiday tour to Dubai in and around the hotel but venturing out further was never a problem either.  

The Hilton Hotel and Beach Club was located within walking distance of the shopping malls, the local souk and a golf course so there was plenty for us to do. As well as this the hotel offers taxis that you can hire for eight hours a day which will give you a tour of the city with your own personal driver. There was a free shuttle bus to Dubai three times a week but using taxis in Dubai is cheap and easy making exploring in this stunning country so simple.

If you are looking for a relaxing time with no hassle from locals and just wish to chill in the sun, then this is the place for you. We could not have asked for a better package holiday tour to Dubai. 


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