Temple Bay and Beach Resort In South India

Temple Bay and Beach Resort is a stunning 5–star resort offering deluxe cottages and rooms in the historic shore of Mamallapuram. Our stay there was an extremely pleasant one with lots to do, beautiful scenery and helpful staff. In fact it was a perfect example of South India package tours at their best.  

Our room was brilliant and we were so impressed with the attention to detail about everything in the resort. The bedroom décor was simple, soothing and relaxing and we had excellent views of the sea. We were extremely grateful for the air conditioning in our rooms as it was very hot outside.

With regards to the rest of the resort, the layout was well designed and the greenery was pretty even during the hottest time of the year. We were very surprised to find that the resort looked exactly like it did in the pictures we had seen before arriving when looking up South India package tours. Everything was well maintained and the staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome and comfortable yet respected our privacy.

Temple Bay and Beach Resort is definitely the place to go if you are looking for complete relaxation and peace and quiet. In the evenings you can lie in the hammocks or sit in the rocking chairs provided on your balcony whilst looking out to sea and listening to the waves. This was a perfect way to end a thoroughly enjoyable day.

The food at the hotel was of a very good standard and there were a large amount of dishes available at the buffet so there was always something available that we liked. However, the a la carte menu was limited so we usually stuck with the buffet.

If you fancy venturing out of the resort then you can take a walk to explore the ancient remains of Mamallapuram or get an insight into the art of stone carvings at any one of the local studios that dot the roadside. When you feel like doing something a bit more relaxing you can swim on the stretch of beach opposite the resort. There are also beach games and catamaran rides which were a lot of fun and kept us entertained for hours.

On the whole we had an amazing time on our South India package tour at Temple Bay and Beach Resort. Everything was well organised, the staff were friendly and the resort and its surroundings were so beautiful that it cannot be described in words. Although it was quite expensive it was definitely worth it and we will definitely be returning.

Image belongs to: Christian Bachellier. Taken from: www.flickr.com


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