Secret Cuba

The Travel Collection is offering holiday makers once in a lifetime Cuba holidays with various package tours. The business specialises in unique holidays that combine history, culture, nature and wildlife and provide opportunities that travellers may not have otherwise encountered.

One of their Cuba holidays is the Secret Cuba tour which includes highlights such as relaxing on idyllic islands, picturesque sightseeing and bird watching. The Travel Collection pride themselves on taking their guests to places that truly represent the cultures and traditions of the countries they visit which is why they sometimes go to more remote locations. This particular tour includes a trip to Pinar del Rio which is known for their tobacco growing but still remains largely undiscovered by mass tourism.  

Cuba holidays are largely about sunbathing and relaxing on beaches due to its tropical climate and beautiful sandy shores. There is the opportunity to take a short boat ride to the small island of Cayo Levisa which has stunning beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. Far away from the hoards of tourists it is the ideal place to relax and soak in the beauty of the island.  

The island, which lies off the northwest coast of Cuba is covered in thick jungle, tropical mangrove and surrounded by white beaches which means there is plenty to do there. Popular activities include swimming, snorkelling or simply relaxing on the beach or at the bar. This is somewhere that you would be unlikely to discover if you went on Cuba holidays on your own which is why The Travel Collection take their guests there because it is peaceful and relaxing.  

Soroa is one of the other many destinations that will be visited on this tour and is somewhere to enjoy gentle walks and breathtaking scenery. The park boasts many different species of trees, shrubs, wild orchids and ferns so this is one for nature lovers. Animal lovers will feel right at home as well as around 70 species of birds can be spotted and it is the home of one of the smallest frogs in the world as well. There are also plenty of historical and cultural landmarks which is something a lot of people want to see whilst on Cuba holidays.  

The stay in Soroa includes an introductory walk into the forest so that people can become familiar with their surroundings, a tour to La Moka to visit an old coffee plantation and a trip to Las Terrazas which is a quaint art community. There is also an optional excursion to the Vinales valley which is a World Heritage site. Once visitors get there they will realise why it is considered to be one of Cuba’s most magnificent settings with its limestone hills, tobacco valley, bird species and pine forest.  

The Travel Collection also offers other varieties of Cuba holidays including a Natural Cuba and Colonial Cuba tour.

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