Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary In South India

Those who have booked South India package tours are in for a treat if a trip to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is on the itinerary. Located in Kumily, Kerala and set high in the ranges of the Western Ghats, nature lovers are going to be right at home at this beautiful sanctuary.

You will see many different varieties of animals including Elephants, Wild Pigs, Deer, Wild Dogs and occasionally you may be lucky enough to see a Tiger. There is also plenty of birdlife and pythons can often be found around the ground and sometimes even King Cobras.

At the heart of this stunning attraction is a picturesque lake where you will often spot animals drinking from the water’s edge. However, do be careful because after heavy rains chances of good wildlife sightings are very slim. The animals only tend to come to the lake when water sources inside the forest have dried up.

Boat cruises make the best option to check out the wildlife of Periyar Sanctuary. Although it’s unusual to see many animals from the boats, you are still likely to spot a family of elephants, wild boar and Sambar Deer by the water’s edge. The upper deck is best for wildlife viewing and it is recommended that you turn up half an hour early in order to get the best seats. If you prefer, you can even rent your own boat and explore at your own leisure.

There is plenty to do at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and the range of activities are so diverse that you will find something for everyone whilst on your South India package tour. You can explore Kerala’s beautiful Cardamom hills by jeep or taxi, go on wildlife, adventure and elephant safari tours, and travel to destinations such as Karnataka, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

The best time to visit Periyar Wildlife sanctuary is from the months of October and June and you can be rest assured that you are supporting a good cause. The Periyar Sanctuary supports natural projects and programmes started by the Indian Government. Project Tiger, Nature Camps and Jungle Lodges have been organised to promote wildlife awareness among people living in and travelling to India. The projects are designed to help preserve India’s natural heritage and to encourage eco-tourism.

For those going on South India package tours, a trip to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary comes highly recommended as it is a thoroughly enjoyable day out.

Image belongs to: Christian Bachellier. Taken from:


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