Natural Cuba

Worldwide travel company The Travel Collection are offering their customers an unforgettable trip to the exotic country of Cuba. Cuba holidays have been popular for many years amongst travellers all over the world so the company wanted to offer something different and refreshing so that even people who have been there before can see the island in a completely new way.



As the largest island in the Caribbean there is plenty to do on Cuba holidays from historical tourist attractions to relaxing on the beach. As The Travel Collection has a strong interest in people, places, nature and wildlife, they offer experiences and destinations that incorporate all of these things for enjoyable Cuba holidays.  

The tour begins in El Yarey with a guided nature walk so that guests can get familiar with their surroundings and learn more about the country. One of the main factors of these Cuba holidays is that the travel company pride themselves on taking tourists to places they may not have found if they were exploring the island on their own. As well as this, the local knowledge that their guides have means that they can answer any questions people may have and teach them things they wouldn’t have found out otherwise.  

The next day of the tour consists of a visit to Santiago de Cuba which is the island’s second city. The large natural harbour, beautiful central plaza and cobbled streets provide an experience that will not be forgotten. The sightseeing adventures that take place cover everything from the Colonial times through to the Revolution.  

Early risers will enjoy the morning bird – watching walk which takes place before breakfast. After this a trip to Jiguani will include a visit to the ruins of a former Spanish fortress, a monument to Jose Marti and a chance to see dominoes played the Cuban way. Half the fun of Cuba holidays is to get a real taste of how the locals live and to experience the real cultures and traditions of the unique island. This is why The Travel Collection prefers to send their guests to hotels that are locally run rather than to big chain hotels which can sometimes make you feel like you’re still at home.   

Cuba holidays wouldn’t be the same without going to see the Botanical Gardens of Copaynicu which has been open to the public since 1984. There are over 600 different kinds of plants and many different exhibitions including the Japanese Garden and a lake with giant gold fish. This isn’t just an excursion for those who are interested in plants and wildlife, everyone will enjoy it as it is a unique day out with plenty of things to see and do.  

Other excursions included in The Travel Collection’s Cuba holidays include a visit to Bayamo, the waterfall of El Salton and a chance to explore Havana. Cuba holidays such as this particular tour run from February 2008 until August 2008 and include accommodation and meals as well as most of the excursions. There are also optional extra excursions for guests who like to keep busy throughout the whole of their Cuba holidays. 

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