Holidays In Binibeca, Menorca

holidays in binibeca menorcaMenorca is a popular holiday destination for thousands of tourists every year. It’s not hard to see why with its beautiful beaches, tropical climate and array of things to do during the day and in the evening. One resort, Binibeca, which is located on the south east coast of Menorca is particularly popular with holiday goers every year.

Perhaps this is because it is only 15 minutes from the airport and is characterised by Binibeca villas or maybe it’s because there is plenty to do but is relaxing at the same time. Whatever the reasons are for people going there you are bound to have a great time because there is plenty to keep you busy.

Near the Binibeca villas is a beautiful golden sandy beach that is ideal for everyone. There are sun loungers and pedaloes available to hire so when you get bored of sunbathing you can have a bit of fun with your friends and family. There is also a beach bar where you can get drinks and snacks so you can stay on the beach all day if you just can’t get enough of the sun.

If you fancy venturing a bit further away from the beach and Binibeca villas then the area of Cala Torret is nearby and offers plenty of entertainment. You can choose from an array of bars and restaurants, most of which are overlooking the sea. This is ideal in the evenings because there is nothing like eating delicious food while watching the sun go down.

There is a train that goes around the local area and neighbouring resorts which is reasonably priced for return journeys. This is a great way of seeing the sights and getting a glimpse of everything from the Binibeca villas to the beautiful sea views. One thing that should definitely be seen is the Binibeca Vell which was designed in 1972 to recreate an old fishing village. This is ideal for tourists because it contains a supermarket, souvenir shop, restaurants, bars and sporting activities.

Whether you want to go sightseeing, stay in one of the many Binibeca villas, participate in water – sports or lay on the beach all day, Menorca certainly caters for everyone’s tastes. It is likely that you will ever get bored regardless of whether you are their with children, a partner or friends as there is so much to keep you busy in both the days and the evenings.   

Image belongs to: Gert Van Duinen. Taken from:


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