Gordon Ramsay’s Verre Restaurant in Dubai

If you go on a package holiday tour of Dubai you must make sure that you stop by the Hilton Creek Hotel. Not to admire the beauty and sophistication of the hotel itself, but to enjoy an exquisite meal at the hotel’s restaurant, Verre. This is no ordinary restaurant, its run by the one and only Gordon Ramsay.

The hot-tempered chef oversees the running of the prestigious Dubai restaurant which has won international acclaim for its modern European menu. The hotel which is located in the Dubai Creek business district exhibits understated elegance with backlit wall panels and simple tableware. It’s immediately apparent where Verre got its name from as soon as you walk in the restaurant. Glass walls dominate the room and set the tone for the decor, perhaps making it obvious that Verre is the French word for glass.

Guests can enjoy a mix of the finest produce around the world and signature dishes such as ravioli of lobster. Great food is complimented by fine wines and served by well – trained waiters who deliver the perfect addition to every dish. An outing to Verre while on your package holiday tour in Dubai is perfect whatever the occasion from a romantic meal for two to a unique night out with a group of friends.

Not only has Gordon celebrated success with several other award-winning restaurants in the UK, he won the ‘Chef’s Choice 2005’ award at the What’s On magazine awards 2005. He was voted for by all the Executive Chefs of five star hotels in Dubai, as their favourite restaurant outside that of their own.  

Gordon himself chose Dubai because he was offered the chance to open a restaurant with an unlimited budget and therefore felt it was an irresistible challenge. As his first restaurant outside of the UK he felt it would be perfect as he also feels that Dubai is an up and coming, dynamic place.

If you decide to visit Gordon’s restaurant whilst on your package holiday tour of Dubai, don’t be surprised at the small portions. He once famously said, “The essence of my cooking is that is should prepare you to get up and go – not to go to bed for three days afterwards.” Although Verre isn’t booked out yet like his London restaurants, Gordon is confident that it will be just the same with his Dubai restaurant within a few years. 

Image belongs to: Carla Saliba. Taken from: http://www.flickr.com


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