Giving Something Back

Worldwide travel company, The Travel Collection have come up with an incentive to help tourists holiday with a clear conscience. Whilst everyone knows that tourism can be a major benefit to many countries around the world, unfortunately it can also have negative side effects as well.


With their scheme, Giving Something Back, the Travel Collection offer those on Sri Lanka holidays an insight into local life by working with community partnerships, local schools and environmental projects. This enables tourists to give something back to the communities they have visited as each scheme is unique and individually tailored to a local community’s needs.


The way the scheme will work is that when travellers go on Sri Lanka holidays with The Travel Collection they have the choice to embark on optional excursions to go and see the work funded by Giving Something Back. One of the highlights of the campaign is that Travel Collection will match the money that has been raised by the excursions.


One of the many Sri Lanka holidays that the travel company offer is an all inclusive package tour. This includes a stay at the Golden Sun Resort which is located on the former spice trading centre of Kalutara. Nature lovers will feel at home here as it is set in five acres of gardens surrounded by one of the many golden sand beaches in beautiful Sri Lanka.


There are various optional excursions that are offered on this package including a trip to the Kalutara Vihara which is a Buddhist shrine and Richmond Castle which is a spice plantation displaying Indian and British architecture. Another excursion that comes highly recommended is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Singharaja forest. This is the oldest rainforest in Sri Lanka and is well suited to adventurous types and those who love wildlife. Many endangered species can be spotted here including leopards, sambar, monkeys and much more. 

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