Gary Rhodes Cooks in Grenada

Top celebrity chef Gary Rhodes is helping the Calabash hotel attract guests with his popular restaurant located within the resort. Those who are on package holiday tours of Grenada and are staying at the Calabash will be treated at Rhodes Restaurant with gourmet cuisine directed by the man himself.  

The resort, which is located in Lance aux Epines is beautiful and luxurious and set within the privacy of Prickly Bay at the southwest tip of the island. Rhodes Restaurant is everything you would expect from one of the chefs kitchens and is the finest eating establishment that he has opened abroad. The combination of local produce and spices which create an extra Caribbean twist make this restaurant a popular choice amongst tourists and locals.

Gary first came to the island of Grenada several years ago when he was visiting to film the television show Gary’s Spicy Kitchen in 1994. It was then that he struck up a close friendship with the owner of the Calabash hotel, Leo Garbutt. As both Leo and Gary are trained chefs they immediately formed a bond and set their sights on becoming the first restaurant with ‘personality chefs’ in the Caribbean. Gary was especially keen to work at the Calabash because he liked the fact that it’s a small, family-run business rather than part of a massive chain of hotels. This is perfect for people on package holiday tours of Grenada who prefer slightly quieter and more relaxed resorts.

Although he is not there all the time, Gary has a strong influence over what is going on at the restaurant and ensures that a solid training structure in place and there is consistency in all the dishes. He visits the hotel regularly and is involved in all aspects of the kitchen and restaurant. He is so determined to male Rhodes Restaurant one of the top places to eat in Grenada that one of his chefs, David Marshal is based there to oversee quality control. This is just yet another step to ensure that the quality of the food being served measures up to Gary’s high standards. He and many others worked on the cuisine and crew for one year to get everything in top shape and have modified local dishes to suit a demanding pallet.

A Grenadine restaurant with local dishes on the menu, having Rhodes on board is attracting returning and new guests every year. This is a definite must for a stopover for people on package holiday tours of Grenada.


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