The Magical City Of Havana

Havana is the capital city of Cuba and is not only the largest city in the beautiful country, but the whole of the Caribbean itself. Here you can enjoy hot sunny days and warm tropical evenings which both help to create a truly magical atmosphere when you are taking part in Cuba travel. To complete the package you will be surrounded by white sandy beaches, palm trees and crystal clear waters that make you feel as though you are sitting in a postcard.  

Everything about Havana is unique and intriguing from the cultures and customs right down to the accommodation. Several years ago the Cuban government passed a law that now allows home owners to rent rooms, houses and apartments to tourists requiring accommodation when on their Cuba travel. This may seem like a strange concept but may be alright for a night or two if you want to get to know the way that the locals really live.  

The streets of Havana have clearly been designed to impress and will get the seal of approval even from those who have experienced Cuba travel before. Giant wooden doors, barred windows and narrow sidewalks make you feel a million miles from home and put you in the true holiday spirit.  

There are plenty of diving schools located not just in Havana but also in the whole of Cuba itself. Visitors can explore ancient shipwrecks and admire the enchanting marine life which is guaranteed to make their Cuba travel truly unforgettable. Depths vary wherever you go and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before because there are plenty of classes available.  

La Catedral is perfect for those who wish to do a bit of sightseeing while on their Cuba travel. An 18th Century architecture full of columns and embellishments, this beautiful building dominates one of the main squares within the old city walls. This is a definite must see for people who have an interest in architecture and the history of Havana.     

Havana’s nightlife is vibrant and exciting but that’s not to say you’re going to be faced with hoards of drunken teenagers falling out of nightclubs every night. The nightlife in Havana is sophisticated and classy yet people aren’t afraid to let their hair down which is one of the classic qualities of Cuba travel. There is a wide selection of bars, cabarets, nightclubs, restaurants and comedy clubs so there will always be something to keep you busy in the evenings.    

Cuba travel makes you feel like you have just stepped into a holiday brochure. Cuba holidays are a truly unforgettable experience and you are likely to find yourself returning year after year.

Image belongs to: Esteban De Sousa Seibane. Taken from:


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