The Botanical Gardens Of Copaynicu In Cuba

Cuba has many beautiful sights to offer its visitors but one in particular is the Botanical Gardens of Copaynicu. You don’t even need to have any knowledge about plants as many people come here just to look at the beautiful display of plant life while on their Cuba travel experience. This is unlikely to be one that anyone will ever be able to forget as you will be able to see things that you won’t find elsewhere.   

The Botanical Garden has been open to the public since 1984 with new ideas being added every once in a while to keep it interesting. In 1989 a Japanese Garden was introduced which even won the support of the Commemorative Association for Japanese World Exposition and the Japanese ambassador in Cuba. This is more than enough to assure visitors that the staff at the gardens know exactly what they’re doing.  

Once in the gardens visitors can see a zone dedicated to south – western Asia, a lake with big gold fish in it and a vantage point. It is often easy for visitors to forget that they are in the middle of their Cuba travel as they get carried away in the gardens from around the world. Vegetarian dishes can be enjoyed at the El Bambu restaurant if you get hungry which are not only tasty but healthy too. 

People are often surprised to find over 600 different kinds of plants at the Botanical Gardens of Copaynicu. Not many people even know that this many varieties of plants exist which makes this excursion an educational part of Cuba travel which makes a nice change from sitting on the beach all day.   

Tourists choose to visit the gardens for a number of different reasons whilst embarking on Cuba travel. Some people have a keen interest in plants so find it an intriguing experience, some want to get to know more about plants and the different species there are and others just fancy a unique day out while on their Cuba holidays.   

The garden has guided services and transportation throughout so different areas can be visited quickly and easily. There is also a library for those wishing to research anything about plants and a souvenir shop for people who want a reminder of their day out.   

A lot of people associate botanical gardens with being boring, however people who go to the Botanical Gardens of Copaynicu while on Cuba travel often find that this is far from the truth.

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