Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka

Sometimes the best part about going on holiday is finding out new things about countries you may never have been to before. When embarking on Sri Lanka travel you are bound to find out plenty of new things because it is such an interesting and different place to visit.

Not many people are aware of the fact that Sri Lanka is the world’s largest tea exporter. This means that you don’t have to worry about finding a good cup of tea whilst on Sri Lanka travel.

The Sri Lankan flag is the only one in the world to recognise different religious groups. The yellow border and pipul leaves symbolise Buddhism which is the main religion in the country. As well as this the green and saffron bands represent the country’s Muslim and Hindu Tamil communities.

Something you are likely to come across while on Sri Lanka travel is hoppers. This is a popular Sri Lankan snack that is enjoyed by both residents and tourists. They are similar to pancakes and are usually served with egg or honey and yoghurt. The most common meal is a spicy curry served with rice and a small side dish of vegetables. If you don’t like spicy foods there are also plenty of milder curries available.

Another thing you are likely to find when on Sri Lanka travel is that people don’t tend to say thank you. Instead they will just smile so don’t think that they are being rude as this is just they way that they do things. However, women should be careful not to smile too much in public because it is considered to flirting.

Something important to consider is that to most people around the world nodding your head up and down means yes and moving it back and forth means no. It is the complete opposite in Sri Lanka so try to remember this when talking to local residents.

92 percent of people living in the country are literate which means that they boast the highest literacy rate in the whole of South Asia.

Sri Lanka travel has become increasingly popular over the last couple years. This is no surprise when there is so much to learn about the country and with English becoming more widely spoken, it is a lot easier to explore and get around. There is bound to be something that appeals to everyone’s tastes which is why it is such a popular place to visit.


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