Information About Sri Lanka

When you are travelling abroad it can be very important to research the country you are going to. This is especially the case if they have different customs and traditions because you may end up doing something that is classed as offensive.  

Sri Lanka travel is becoming increasingly popular but is one of those places where you can get in trouble for doing something you wouldn’t normally think about in your own country. For example, you can get heavily fined for drinking or smoking anywhere in public.  

There are plenty of interesting facts to know about Sri Lanka travel that can help you to get the most out of your time there. 70 percent of the population conform to the Buddhist religion and 16 percent are Hindu. Christianity only makes up seven percent of the population so this is a great place to go if you want to learn about different religions. 

The climate is fairly tropical all year round with average temperatures of 27C. However, it does get colder in the hills where temperatures can drop to 14C. The monsoon season happens at different times around the country with the western, southern and central regions being affected from May to July and the North East being affected in December and January. Generally however, when embarking on Sri Lanka travel you can enjoy warm weather all year round.  

You will find business hours tend to be the same as in the UK when on Sri Lanka travel. Shops are open from 9am to 5pm but banks are only open until 1pm. Their working week is also Monday to Friday so anything you would expect to be closed at the weekends in the UK is likely to be closed over there as well at the weekends.  

They are quite strict when you embark on Sri Lanka travel about visas. All visitors will be issued with a visa upon arrival into the country. It is wise to speak to the Sri Lanka embassy, tourist office or an estate agent to find out exactly what the rules are.  

Once you know the most important information about the country it is not hard to see why Sri Lanka travel is so popular. There is plenty to see and do and it is very different from the UK. There is something for everyone from sight – seeing to beautiful beaches so everyone is bound to have a great holiday.  


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