Cuba Makes A Great Holiday Destination

Located in the North of the Caribbean, Cuba boasts a wide variety of people and cultures. Many different customs have been bought onto the island including those from the Taino, Spanish colonialism and African slaves. With such diverse cultures present, the country provides a fascinating experience for people from all around the world so it’s no surprise that Cuba travel has become so popular.       

No doubt the tropical climate and beautiful beaches also contribute to the hoards of tourists who contribute to Cuba travel every year. Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena are possibly two of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. The two are connected and stretch the length of Cayo Largo del Sur which is on the western end of the island. If you think that you only see fine, white sand and clear blue waters on postcards you are mistaken because that is exactly what you will see here.    

There is so much to do when you go on Cuba holidays that you definitely won’t be bored and there is always something for everyone. With over 30 dives sites at Varadero alone there is something for everyone from beginners to experts. One of the world’s biggest coral reefs is at Cayo Coco which is a dive that will never be forgotten and is one of the many reasons why Cuba travel attracts people from all over the world.    

Typical Cuban cuisine is wide and varied so there is something for even the fussiest of eaters. A few examples of the local cuisine are black beans and rice, fried sliced banana and boiled Yucca plant. It is also very common for most dished to include an olive oil and garlic marinade to give them extra flavour. Sampling the local cuisine is a must when embarking on Cuba travel because without doing so you won’t really get a true taste for the country.   

For nature lovers a trip to Sierra Maestra National Park is a must as a spectacular range of plants and animals live on Cuba’s southern coast. No doubt this is down to the fact that the U.S embargo protects the area from development. It is here you will see stunning scenery including mountains, rivers and plenty of animals.    

Make sure you visit Havana and Santiago de Cuba while on your Cuba travel as they are the biggest and most important cities on the island. Both of them offer plenty of sites, activities and nice little restaurants if you want to sit back and relax and enjoy the tropical climate.  

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