Beach, Desert and Dubai

Dubai is a country that dreams are made of and a place you can’t actually believe exists in reality. Luxurious, spectacular, magnificent and divine are all words you would use to describe this tropical paradise. With so much to do and with such picturesque surroundings, a holiday in Dubai is something you will long for year after year.

Trips to the Arabic deserts are a popular activity and are normally done in groups. You can participate in wadi-driving, dune driving and sand-skiing. All are thrilling and exciting activities which are very popular amongst both residents and tourists. To make your trip even more memorable, you can take part in a Desert Feast. This will see you ending your day with spectacular sunset views and a traditional Arab barbecue. You will also enjoy enchanting Arabic music, belly dancing and the smoking of hubble-bubble pipes if you wish.

Something that you definitely won’t find in the UK is camel racing. Even though enthusiasm for the sport died out years ago, it is quickly becoming ever-more popular once again. This is a unique opportunity to experience something you won’t find in many other parts of the world and to observe traditionally dressed local people in their surroundings. The best time to go on holiday to Dubai if you’re interested in camel racing is in October when the season starts.

A fascinating way of seeing the new and old Dubai side is to take part in a creek tour. These boat trips are in traditional wooden dhow or Abras (water taxis) and are a relaxing and peaceful way to see many spectacular sights. It is quite a shock to see the stark contrast between the modern and ancient sides, especially within such close proximity to each other. From contemporary high-rise buildings to old-world Souks, there is plenty to see on these magnificent creek tours.

For something truly magnificent and unforgettable you will not experience anywhere else in the world is The World in Dubai. This is a collection of man-made islands located in the Arabian Gulf and are shaped to look like the world. These islands have been described as an engineering odyssey that combines a paradise of sea, sand and sky. Each of the islands are accessible from the mainland within 15 minutes. The islands consist of residential properties, hotels and resorts, shops, restaurants and other facilities. The World exists harmoniously with the diverse, surrounding marine life that inhabits its waters so those concerned about the environment have nothing to worry about.

No holiday in Dubai is complete without a trip to the ‘big red’; a sand dune over 300 feet high which produces a red glow due to the iron oxide in the sand. Some have described the dune as eerie and others as delightful so the best method is to take a trip to the dunes and decide for yourself. Once there, you can participate in sand-boarding, quad biking and can rent 4 x 4s to explore and climb the sand dunes. It is strongly advisable that you go out with at least one other 4 x 4 so if you get stuck you have someone to pull you out.

Renound for being the best places to shop in the Middle East, Dubai has plenty of shopping malls on offer with unbeatable prices. There are beaches aplenty to soak up the sun, golf courses, horse riding and much, much more. Whether you are after a beach holiday in Dubai or a combination of everything, it is certain you will find what you are looking for. However, there is one problem with going on holiday to Dubai; you are definitely going to struggle to find time to do everything you planned.

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